Quick Answer: What Does Creek Mean?

What is the opposite of creek?

Opposite of a small brook or stream.



What are branches of a river called?

A distributary, or a distributary channel, is a stream that branches off and flows away from a main stream channel. Distributaries are a common feature of river deltas. The phenomenon is known as river bifurcation.

What do you call a small creek?

Tributary. A tributary is a contributory stream, or a stream which does not reach a static body of water such as a lake or ocean, but joins another river (a parent river). Sometimes also called a branch or fork.

Whats the difference between creek and stream?

Creek is a flowing body of water. Stream is any body of flowing fluid. It can be water, lava, wind, etc.

Is a creek deep?

Deep is usually defined as at least half a meter. A small creek may not have any water that deep, but it probably does have spots that are deep enough to fulfill many of the functions of that habitat. … A healthy creek has all of the last four types of flow – riffles, runs, glides, and pools.

What do you call the side of a creek?

So you could say that the most important part of a stream is its channel or streambed, the natural passage or depression in the ground that holds the water. … The sides of the channel, along the edges of the stream, are its banks.

What is the longest creek in the United States?

Lodgepole CreekHowever, Lodgepole Creek in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado at 278 miles is the longest creek in the United States. An interesting fact about Lodgepole Creek is that the highest average annual flow in the stream ever recorded at the one and only gage in Bushnell, Neb, was 18.1 cubic feet per second (CFS).

What animals live in a creek?

Animals that usually live in a creeks are water birds, fish, snakes, elles, insects and frogs. Creeks in America are known as mid sized streams. Every thing that lives in a creek is known as organism.

What tributary means?

A tributary or affluent is a stream or river that flows into a larger stream or main stem (or parent) river or a lake. A tributary does not flow directly into a sea or ocean. … A confluence, where two or more bodies of water meet together, usually refers to the joining of tributaries.

Is a creek a river?

Water from melted snow is fresh and that is why most rivers possess fresh water. On the other hand, a creek is a small river or a rivulet. Creeks have all the characteristics that rivers possess with a few differences between the two. A slender channel flanked by islands may also be called a creek.

How do you describe a creek?

Here are some adjectives for creek: narrower white, generally abrupt and rocky, generally abrupt, muddy alkaline, swollen rocky, generaly abrupt and rocky, generaly abrupt, deep, impassable, famous foul-smelling, mostly dried-up, swollen tidal, incredibly beautiful and wild, shallow, fast-moving, apparently unnamed, …

Is a crick smaller than a creek?

A “creek” is supposedly larger. A “crick” is more like a brook or even smaller, like a spring.

What was the Creek tribe known for?

The Creek Tribe The people moved across the southeast and established large, organised settlements in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida. The Creek people were farmers growing crops of corn, beans, squash, melons, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. The most famous Creek chiefs were Red Feather and Osceola.

What is a sentence for Creek?

He gazed down the creek , his expression unreadable. She moved away from him and contemplated the creek absently. Across the creek , on the hillside, two elk grazed contentedly. Below them a creek wound sluggishly through a narrow valley.

What is another word for creek?

What is another word for creek?watercoursechannelrivuletstreamculvertbrookriversluicegullyravine109 more rows

What is the place where a river meets a lake an ocean or the sea called?

estuaryAn estuary is the area where a river meets the sea or ocean, where fresh water from the river meets salt water from the sea.

Is swimming in a creek safe?

Creeks and streams often contain harmful germs and may not be monitored for water quality. Swimming or playing in creeks and streams can put you at risk for waterborne illness or infection.

Which is larger a stream or a creek?

Stream – A small natural waterway, larger than a brook, but smaller than a creek. Creek – A medium natural waterway, larger than a stream.

What is the biggest Creek in the world?

Billabong CreekAt 320 kilometres (200 mi) (with some estimates ranging up to 596 kilometres (370 mi)), Billabong Creek is believed to be the longest creek in the world.

How are tributary formed?

Tributaries, also called affluents, do not flow directly into the ocean. Most large rivers are formed from many tributaries. Each tributary drains a different watershed, carrying runoff and snowmelt from that area. Each tributary’s watershed makes up the larger watershed of the mainstem.