Quick Answer: Is Piolo Pascual Catholic?

How old is KC Concepcion now?

36 years (April 7, 1985)KC Concepcion/Age.

What is the real name of Piolo Pascual?

Piolo José PascualPiolo Pascual/Full name

Is Piolo Pascual half Filipino?

Born on Jan. 12, 1977, a Capricorn, to a German-Spanish father and a Filipino mother, Piolo grew up in a very loving, closely-knit and religious family.

How old is Piolo Pascual?

44 years (January 12, 1977)Piolo Pascual/Age

What is the nationality of Piolo Pascual?

PhilippinePiolo Pascual/Nationality

Why did Piolo and KC break up?

KC added, there is “a reason why we ended up together.” The actress said she and Piolo had to announce their breakup because they also admitted to being official. Besides, they didn’t want it to interfere with their work. “People know naman that it was very real for me.

Is Piolo Pascual married to KC Concepcion?

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual finally went public for the first time about his relationship with TV host-actress KC Concepcion and admitted that she has been his girlfriend since Oct. 21 of last year. Pascual and Concepcion have known each other for almost eight years now.

What is the religion of Piolo Pascual?

Piolo Pascual is a Born-Again Evangelical Christian.

Who is the father of Piolo Pascual?

Philip Victor PascualPiolo Pascual/Fathers

How much is Piolo Pascual worth?

Piolo Pascual net worth and salary: Piolo Pascual is a Filipino actor, musician, model, and producer who has a net worth of $7 million. Piolo Jose Pascual was born in Manila, Philippines in January 1977.

Who is Piolo Pascual dating?

Shaina MagdayaoPiolo Pascual confirms exclusively dating Shaina Magdayao.