Question: Is Nestle Chocolate Halal?

Nestle chocolate is halal in many countries, but not all.

Chocolate manufactured in the Middle East, Malaysia and other predominantly Muslim regions is definitely halal.5 Jun 2019

Is Nestle products Halal?

Today Nestlé Malaysia produces about 300 halal products in its food and beverage range which are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Halal certified products are sourced, manufactured, imported and distributed in accordance with Islamic law to meet the needs of Muslim consumers.11 May 2012

Is Nestle KitKat halal in Canada?

Halal Nestlé products. “In Canada, we currently do not facilitate Halal certification, but some imported products do.” We’re always striving to meet the needs of our diverse consumer group. Be sure to check the package for specific Halal symbols.4 Apr 2019

Is Nestle water halal?

Our water is not considered Halal certified, but let us know if you have any other questions. To clarify for those asking, this applies only in the United States; most water is considered Halal, but our US products & factories don’t have certification.14 May 2019

Is Choceur chocolate halal?

Choceur Chocolate is exclusive to Aldi stores and is confirmed non-halal-certified. They offer quite a few Easter-themed chocolates, are very reasonable priced and don’t taste too bad either.