Question: Is Hershey’s Fair Trade?

Does Hershey’s use child labor?

Hershey’s, Nestlé and Mars Are Still Using Child Labor on Cocoa Farms. In a very in-depth report from The Washington Post, reporters Peter Whoriskey and Rachel Siegel found that child labor is still widely used in the chocolate industry.

Is Hershey chocolate ethically sourced?

Hershey also produces some of its products using ethical and sustainable cocoa. Hershey Bliss, one of the company’s specialty chocolates, is made with 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa. This means that the cocoa is grown using farming methods that are safe, sustainable, and respect rights of the workers.

Is Nestle Fair Trade?

Nestlé has announced it will change the way it sources Fairtrade ingredients for its KitKat 2 and 4 finger chocolate. From 5 June, the company will switch from sourcing All That Can Be Fairtrade to sourcing cocoa, sugar and vanilla through the Fairtrade Cocoa, Sugar and Vanilla Programs.

Is Lindt chocolate fair trade?

Fair trade chocolate is a growing trend. Lindt & Sprüngli has developed its own sustainable sourcing model, the “Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program.” Fair trade is not just a label; it is a conscious decision to support farmers in the countries where raw materials are sourced.

Does Apple use child labor?

Initially the Children said that they were not paid. Apple and Foxconn have been accused of poor labor practices in the past. Since 2012 Apple says it has reduced the number of underage workers in its extended supply chain, which includes locations where rare earth minerals are mined for use in the smartphones.

Is Mars owned by Nestle?

When his company merged with an English-Swiss milk producer, Nestlé was founded. Mars has remained a private family-owned company, but the “family of associates” has grown to over 100 000 employees.

Does Starbucks use child labor?

The truth is that Starbucks uses child labour, mainly in Guatemala, for the products that we purchase. The emphasis for the child labourers is put primarily on coffee and they must work in the fields rather than go to school. They work in poor conditions and do not even make minimum wage.

What chocolate has no child labor?

Alter Eco. Alter Eco chocolate bars and truffles are made with cacao sourced from South America where, according to Food is Power, it is less likely that cacao is farmed using child labor.

Does Ferrero Rocher use child labor?

Children as young as six may have picked the hazelnuts used in Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a human rights group claims. Ferrero, which also makes Nutella, buys around 30 per cent of the nuts it uses from Turkey – where child labour is common.

Is Lindt a fair trade company?

‘Mass balance is not an option for us’​​

“Lindt & Sprüngli prefers to go its own way,”​ a spokesperson told ConfectioneryNews. She said Lindt shares the values of bodies like the World Cocoa Foundation, Fairtrade International, Fair Trade USA, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, and would collaborate where possible.

Is Starbucks a fair trade company?

Starbucks has been working with Fairtrade globally since 2000. Beyond purchases on Fairtrade terms, Starbucks has funded more that $14 million in farmer loans to Fairtrade cooperatives as part of an ongoing commitment to helping farmers to manage risk and strengthen their businesses.

Is Cadbury chocolate fair trade?

Through a US$400 million investment, Cadbury is working with Fairtrade to secure a positive future for 200,000 farmers and one million community members in six key cocoa growing countries by 2022.

Which chocolate is fair trade?

Lidl. Lidl has a range of chocolate that, through the Fairtrade Cocoa Programme, enables small-scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cocoa as Fairtrade. Choose from Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut and Almond & Orange.

Is Dove chocolate fair trade?

All of DOVE’s dark chocolate is Rainforest Alliance Certified (DOVE). Fair Trade: Fair Trade is an international organization that has a US branch that certifies or ranks products, such as chocolate, to be categorized or classified as more ethical and sustainable than other products that aren’t certified (Martin).

Is Mars chocolate ethical?

A recent report from The Washington Post found that the country’s largest chocolate companies — Nestle, Mars and Hershey — don’t necessarily make their chocolate ethically, as while all three brands had promised to stop using cocoa sourced via child labor many years ago, they still cannot say with certainty that their